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MEZLAN WAREHOUSE offers Mezlan and Bacco Bucci’s renowned and distinguished styles for an absolutely great price.

The Mezlan Warehouse Site was created just for you, our own loyal brand customers and those seeking extraordinary value in pursuit of the finest men’s footwear and accessories.  With Mezlan Warehouse, you will discover a genuine source for quality and style while experiencing the thrill and satisfaction of shopping from a truly diverse collection.  Old world tradition and craftsmanship are found in every item.

New styles arrive at the Warehouse often, so you’ll want to check back regularly…

Mezlan Artistry & Tradition “No less than 100 pairs of hands touch each pair of Mezlan shoes through its production process”.



Since 1968 the Mezlan factory has continued to evolve in the levels of skill and sophistication required in its footwear production. Old world craftsmanship and extraordinary attention to detail are incorporated into the creation of each pair of Mezlan shoes. Slow-cooking without short-cuts is the Mezlan way and one in which you will discover innovation and design-excellence.   Each shoe style is adorned with its own personality using creativity, balance, honed-skill and passion. This is the product which Mezlan brings to their customers. This is their legacy.


Almansa, Spain’s shoemaking capital, is a town in the greater Castile-La Mancha region and the birthplace and home to Mezlan. The14th century Castle of Almansa sits stoically atop the town’s high cliff, laying watch over its citizens. The hustle-bustle of shoemakers working and living in the town below give testimony to its artisanal roots and rich history. Embracing the hallowed traditions of skilled shoemakers spanning back generations, Mezlan stands today as a specialty factory and design house in leather, a heritage-brand rooted in authentic surroundings of the past and present. 


Bacco Bucci - Designed and manufactured with casual comfort in mind. Incorporating fresh designs and superior performance features, our Bacco Bucci collection addresses the wardrobe needs of the playful, denim-friendly, street-rugged and resort-leisure lifestyles”.



The fabled shoemaking region of Le Marche, Italy is where the Bacco Bucci design studio and production facilities are centered.  Precision-fitting systems, high-performance materials and a hip styling interpretation make Bacco Bucci the perfect casual companion brand and younger brother to the well-respected Mezlan fashion dress line, Together the two brands offer a balanced family of men’s footwear.

Mezlan Retail Stores & Website

In 2008 the retail division of Mezlan was launched by opening its first company-owned boutique in Las Vegas, Nevada, met with international acclaim, and its flagship website at  The stores and website provide a fashion show, a live stage where Mezlan and Bacco Bucci introduces their very newest design concepts to the public. Here you will experience an elevated level of fashion excitement where uniquely innovative items are brought to market for the first time and cannot be found anywhere else.  All of our guests and longtime enthusiasts are cordially invited to visit our retail boutiques and fully branded website.

Mezlan Boutiques:

The Grand Canal Shoppes, Las Vegas, NV  Phipps Plaza, Atlanta, GA   900 N. Michigan Shops, Chicago, IL  Fashion Centre at Pentagon City, Arlington, VA